The Architect Journal started with a single architect who had a vision of creating his pool of fellow designers and builders within the state of Illinois, particularly in his hometown, Chicago. He called out his university friends to join him. Gladly they did.

What Architects Do

We meet with clients to discuss all the details of a particular project, including design and budget proposals. Our task is not all about creating a three-dimensional drawing to be carried out. It includes careful thinking and application of all necessary solutions. There are instances when we would have to make pre-designs with all its feasibility.

workAfter a thorough discussion with our clients, we develop the final plans that showcase the prospected appearance of a build, with all details about its construction. We carefully and creatively include drawings of the structures that make an individual site livable, such as HVAC, communications, electrical and water systems. We also include landscape plans for projects needing curb appeal.

All architects at TAJ are knowledgeable in CADD and BIM techniques. We strictly abide by all state and local laws governing the construction such as building codes, fire regulations, zoning laws, and allocations for the disabled.

We perform inspection and site visits as often as our time permits. Even in hectic schedules, we make sure to drop by at our construction sites to ensure our contractors and subcontractors carry out the plans in verbatim, on time and with top-tier quality. We do not consider any job as finished until we pass all necessary tests for the build.

TAJ architects also serve as mediators for construction bids. We select contractors from our trusted pool and negotiate contracts. We harmoniously work with our other professional friends in the building and construction industry.

Again, we were not kidding when we said we’ll make Illinois grander.