Our Work


Our architects are the construction industry’s creative minds in the design-build processes of any construction projects. They participate in each step of the way, from start to finish.

We take a careful yet efficient time in the following:

• advising consulting clients;
• coordinating detailed drawings and plans with executed efforts by our contractors and subcontractors;
• attend meetings to coordinate any possible problems that may arise during the construction;
making frequent site visits to check the progress of the build;
• negotiating with contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers for logistics, human resources, and supplies; and preparing and presenting design proposals to clients.

We take pride in our architects’ capacity to be passionate about their craft. The Architect Journal is a pool of professionals who care about people, the environment, and our clients’ dream of an enhanced living atmosphere, whether concerning our homes or building spaces.

Each TAJ architect has a keen eye for detail and ability to bring ideas into highly creative three-dimensional drawings. We guarantee to be at the top of our leagues; with degrees in architecture and at least seven years in training and continuing education. We are all proud passers of the Architect Registration Examination.

Architects at TAJ tend to earn higher than most of our fellows, not because we charge higher but because we have a pool of patrons and partner contractors who refer us to friends, families, and potential clients.

We love what we do and treat each build as if our own. Call us today for any inquiries.